A wood variety
that matches your standards.

Large inventory

Industrial Wood

We offer a wide variety of wood: rough, green, dressed, dried and heat treated (ISPM 15). We have nearly all softwood types (spruce, pine, fir, hemlock, …) and hardwood (oak, ash, maple, cherry, …) in stock. We also have plywood, OSB and other types of wood panels.


Pre-cut Wood

Our different cutting machines allow us to provide pre-cut wood of all types and sizes depending on your needs.


Other services

We are ready to fulfill any additional needs such as:
. Grooved wood
. Angles
. Wedges
. Blocks
. Oversized pieces of wood
. Timber mats of all sizes


Wood Variety and services

All our wood comes from responsible Canadian suppliers. The close relationships we have built over the years ensure a regular supply that allows us to provide our customers a quick service and short delivery time.

We offer a wide range of wood types. Softwood is known for its flexibility and its light weight. It is an excellent wood for the manufacturing of pallets or boxes to carry lightweight parts. It is also used for different industrial applications for example to secure a load on a trailer. When grooved, it can be used to pack wood or support merchandise. Whether rough, green, dressed or dried, we have it in stock.

Because of its strength and resistance, hardwood is used in several industrial sectors in which the weight of the transported material can be very high. It is very resistant to shocks and handling and can therefore be used as support material for transportation.

All our wood can be heat treated. This treatment reaches a minimum core temperature of 56 C for at least 30 minutes in order to eliminate all harmful organisms. This high temperature treatment allows you to use this wood for exportation as it is in accordance with the phytosanitary requirements.

In addition to high temperature treatment and wood cutting, our company offers a large variety of other services. Our equipment allows us to work the wood for many applications such as wooden corners, protective angles, wooden racks, framing as well as all types of support pieces. We also have all the components to make timber mats used to transport equipment on construction sites where roads are uneven or damaged.